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Administrative Driver’s License Hearings in Baton Rouge

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When you are arrested for a DWI in Louisiana, you immediately have two cases against you. The first is the driver's license part of your case. The second is the criminal case, which will be prosecuted by the City Attorney or District Attorney's Office. The LA Office of Motor Vehicles will attempt to suspend your driving privileges if you either failed a breath test (.08 or greater), refused to provide a sample of your breath or blood when requested by a law enforcement officer, and/or if you have waited longer than 30 days to create a DMV hearing appointment.

Could Your License Be Reinstated?

When arrested for a DWI, you may think you will serve an “automatic” administrative suspension. Fortunately, that is a myth. You MUST request a hearing to challenge the administrative suspension within 30 days from the date you were arrested. If you or your lawyer fails to request a hearing within 30 days, a suspension will begin on the 31st day from the arrest date. If timely requested, a hearing will be scheduled at the Division of Administrative Law. Your attorney can appear and argue on your behalf. Unfortunately, in Louisiana, the arresting officer’s presence at the hearing is NOT required. The hearing officer can suspend your license without the officer’s testimony. However, the evidence submitted at the hearing must comply with certain laws before suspension. Ultimately, if you lose the administrative hearing, you have the right to appeal and keep fighting.

If your license has already been suspended, you may be eligible to drive during the suspension if you qualify. Our office can assist you in navigating the complex requirements of the LA DMV to reinstate your driving privileges during a suspension. This may include the installation and maintenance of an ignition interlock device, obtaining an additional liability insurance policy (SR22), or the payment of reinstatement fees.

In addition, if you are convicted of a DWI and have already served an administrative suspension for the same incident, that time will be deducted from your conviction suspension. Whether an Article 894 dismissal is ordered after all probation requirements have been completed may also shorten any applicable license suspension.

Criminal Case License Consequences

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