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Being employed by the government can mean sometimes being put in situations where you aren’t sure about what to do. If you were charged with a crime as a result, you cannot afford to wait for things to play out in your favor. You need help from an experienced Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyer who can help you prove your innocence and avoid having your career destroyed. These matters are time-sensitive. Tommy Dewey at Dewey & Braud Law, LLC can work with you to review the charges against you and help you protect your future.

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Defense for Law Enforcement

The political climate surrounding law enforcement is more critical than ever. At Dewey & Braud Law, LLC, Tommy Dewey understands that no matter how bad the situation may appear to be, there is always another side to the story. He is familiar with policy and procedure, particularly with police issues including the Police Officer Bill of Rights.

As a government employee, you may feel you don’t know where to turn. The prosecutors you worked alongside may now have evidence against you and want you to face criminal penalties. Our team is here for you. Attorney Tommy Dewey maintains contracts with the Professional Law Enforcement Association (P.L.E.A.) and the Peace Officers Research Association of California (P.O.R.A.C.).

As a retired police officer for Baton Rouge Police Department, Tommy Dewey has firsthand experience with disciplinary proceedings and the civil service board. Tommy has represented officers from the Baton Rouge Police Department, local Sheriff's offices, and other agencies in South and Central Louisiana. Tommy has also represented law enforcement officers under federal investigation and those charged with serious criminal offenses.

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Our firm offers free consultations, so you can get a better idea of how to proceed with your case. It is important that you take the necessary time to assemble your defense and plan an effective approach. If you are a law enforcement officer in trouble, the court of public opinion can cause additional problems. You need someone who can help you minimize the situation and represent your interests.

Tommy Dewey can take your side and properly scrutinize the evidence weighed against you. We utilize strategies focused on keeping you out of trouble and employed. Your options may include administrative leave, probation, or even community service. Let us help you avoid a criminal conviction and losing your career.

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  • 2 Counts Domestic Abuse Battery Reduced Charges
  • Armed Robbery Case Dismissed
  • Domestic Abuse Battery Case Dismissed
  • Domestic Battery Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • DWI Penalty Reduced
  • DWI Case Dismissed
  • DWI Case Dismissed
  • DWI Reduced Charges
  • DWI Expunged
  • DWI with Accident Case Dismissed

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    Experience is the best teacher. For more than 10 years we have handled hundreds of cases, running the gamut of crimes. You can be confident we know how to skillfully and intelligently handle your case.

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    At Dewey & Braud, you can expect to receive genuine and honest representation that is focused on attaining the best possible outcome for your case. You will always have access to the attorney and you will be kept informed every step of the way.

  • Former Police Officer

    Attorney Dewey's background as a former police officer give his clients the edge they need. Not only does he know the right people in the system to talk to, but he knows how to anticipate the prosecutions next move.

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