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Dewey and Braud TeamAt Dewey & Braud Law, LLC we provide a variety of legal services to residents across the state of Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge, LA law office can help those who are facing criminal charges, including DWIs, drug possession cases, assault/battery, and theft/property crimes. We also assist clients in administrative license hearings, civil forfeiture cases, probation revocations and expungements. We have also represented commercial drivers who face exceptional challenges with traffic citations; we know how important it is to maintain driving privileges. We can also assist clients in pursuing claims against at-fault drivers and big insurance companies after a car accident.

Employers often do not treat their employees fairly and we understand the various laws that apply in right-to-work states. If you have been fired, are facing unfair disciplinary proceedings at work or you feel your rights have been violated, we are willing to take a look at your case and help determine the best way forward. We know how to fight back and we take our client’s rights very seriously.

We have years of experience assisting our clients with their various legal issues. Please Contact Dewey & Braud Law, LLC today to see if there is anything we can help with.