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Featured   6.10.2019

What to Expect When Bonding Someone Out of Jail

Sometimes, our loved ones end up in trouble and call for help. If you have to bail your friend or family member out of jail, you must prepare for this significant legal responsibility. The process of bailing someone out of jail can be stressful, though it doesn’t have to be. Remember, if you have an arrest warrant, you will not be able to bond someone out of jail, because you will also be arrested. Also, each parish or city jail has its own unique procedures and we recommend you call the facility to inquire about significant details regarding your loved one’s case.

The information you will need:

  • Has the bond amount been set by the judge? If so, how much?
  • In addition to the bond amount, what extra fees are required?
  • What type of payments are accepted by the facility? (cash, money order, credit card, etc.)
  • Are there any holds on the arrested person, such as a parole hold, probation revocation hold, an outstanding case in another jurisdiction etc.? If there is a hold, paying cash or hiring a surety (bond company) for the instant case bond will not get your loved one released.
  • Do you want to pay the bond in full with cash or hire a bond company?

What If I Cannot Afford a Full Cash Bond?

The benefit of paying the cash bond in full is that the money will be returned to you, after the criminal case is resolved, minus a processing fee. If you cannot get enough cash for a full cash bond, you have the option to hire a bondsman or surety. The benefit of hiring a surety or bond company to help you is that you pay less money up front and your friend or family member can be released from jail. You also have more money available on hand to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. However, it is important to remember that when you hire a surety, you will pay 10-12.5% of the total bond amount and you won’t see that money again.

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