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Featured   7.14.2022

How New Laws Going Into Effect in Louisiana in August Could Impact You

In August, several new laws are going into effect in Louisiana. Laws change more often than many realize. In some instances, these changes are minor, but in other cases, existing laws are drastically changed. New laws are added annually and can have a huge impact on our lives. It’s important to stay current with new legislation, because the impact on your life can be severe.

What New Laws Are Going Into Effect in Louisiana in August?

On August 1, several new laws will go into effect in Louisiana. These new laws span a wide variety of criminal matters. The following are a list that will have an impact on the criminal justice system:

  • HB 629 – This new law prohibits warrantless home searches if based solely on the odor of marijuana. Now that medical marijuana is expanding in Louisiana, laws are changing to keep up with protecting citizens’ rights to remain free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • HB 775 – This law decriminalizes possession of drug paraphernalia when that paraphernalia is used to consume marijuana if the person possessing the paraphernalia is a patient of a state sponsored medical marijuana program.
  • HB 315 – This new law increases the penalties/prison time for persons convicted of distributing fentanyl if the fentanyl that was distributed results in someone suffering serious bodily injury.
  • HB 491 – This law adds a definition to the simple robbery statute when a group of persons commits the crime.
  • HB 431 – This involves changes in the law regarding the testing of sexual assault samples. It prohibits samples from being used in any subsequent or past criminal investigation into the victim.

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