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Don’t just pay your ticket!

After you receive a traffic ticket from an officer, it may be your gut reaction to get your checkbook out and send in your money. But, if you simply pay the fine, there will be a conviction for that traffic violation on your driving record. Though Louisiana doesn’t use a point system for your driving record as some states do, most moving violations will be viewed by your insurance company and can cause you problems. For example, pleading guilty to certain traffic violations can cause driver’s license suspensions. Simply paying your ticket is a guilty plea which could trigger the Office of Motor Vehicles to suspend your driver’s license.

Instead of paying your tickets right away, contact Dewey & Braud Law for a consultation. If retained, we can negotiate your citation with the prosecutor, make the court appearance on your behalf and resolve the matter for you.

If you have an outstanding ticket or insurance cancellation that you believe may be causing a suspension or flag on your license, go to the following link to check your Louisiana driving eligibility: