Administrative Law

Administrative Law
When you are facing legal challenges that require administrative actions, such as reinstating your driver’s license or requesting a hearing due to unfair treatment or termination at your place of employment, having an attorney working for you is a must. While the hearings may not result in criminal charges, they are still very serious; having legal representation ensures your rights are fully protected and someone is there to fight for those rights.

Administrative Driver’s License Hearing

Following a DWI arrest in Louisiana, the Office of Motor Vehicles will try to suspend your driver’s license if you failed a breath test or refused to provide one. In order to challenge the suspension, you MUST request a hearing within 30 days from the date you were arrested. The hearing is conducted before an Administrative Law Officer at the Division of Administrative Law. During these hearings, the Department of Public Safety will submit evidence against you. You have the right to have an attorney present during this hearing.

The purpose of this administrative hearing is to determine if law enforcement officers had a legal right to stop you, legally arrest you, properly request a breath/blood test from you, and ultimately to determine if you failed a chemical test or refused to provide one. The length of the possible suspension varies depending on whether you submitted to the test or refused, and whether you have previous DWI arrests. A skilled DWI attorney can help you during the hearing and if you are denied a license renewal, can also help with an appeal.

Employment Related Administrative Hearings

When you have faced disciplinary action, or been fired from your place of employment, you may need help from an attorney who has experience with employment law. While Louisiana is a right-to-work state, meaning an employer may let you go at any time, you cannot be fired in retaliation or for any reason that violates federal or state laws. These types of issues are usually heard at the administrative level first, then you will have opportunities to appeal or file a separate law suit. During these hearings, you should be represented by an attorney who will be there to ensure your story is told and your rights are protected. We will represent your interests through these types of hearings.

Even though hearings are administrative in nature, it is still important you have legal assistance throughout the processes. There are specific procedures, deadlines and documents that must be filed to preserve your rights. If you need help getting your driver’s license reinstated or you have been unjustly fired or disciplined on the job, contact Dewey & Braud Law, LLC in Baton Rouge, LA for help. We provide administrative law services all over the state of Louisiana.