Felony Charge Dismissed

In August, 2017, Dewey & Braud Law was contacted by a worried mother regarding a new felony case against her son. Her twenty year old son was in custody on a motion to revoke from Lafourche Parish caused by a new pending charge in Iberville Parish. Dewey & Braud handles cases throughout the State of Louisiana. The client was pleased with his representation in Lafourche, but the mother was looking for a criminal defense attorney to zealously represent her son in Iberville parish on a Possession of Schedule II offense. Attorney Hallye Braud visited the client in jail in Catahoula Parish to get the case facts from client and begin developing the defense. Attorney Tommy Dewey reviewed the offense report against client and began negotiations with the Iberville Parish District Attorney’s Office. The evidence against the client was weak and the facts within the officer’s report seemed improbable. Mr. Dewey pointed out the holes in the DA’s case and ultimately achieved a dismissal of the felony drug possession. Client pled to a lesser misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia in early October, 2017 and was released from his Iberville Parish hold the same day.

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